High numerical aperture (NA) optical domes from BR are produced using precision tooling. Our product line includes Zinc Selenide, Zinc Sulphide, or Germanium materials. CNC processing, combined with extensive metrology capabilities, deliver precision domes for aerospace and military applications. Optical domes are essentially windows: two parallel surfaces, curved. The dome protects and isolates critical sensors and electronics from the environment with minimal disruption to the optical path. Optical domes can be found on forward looking infrared systems, seeker head optical systems, in submersibles, and underwater camera systems. Airborne systems must be designed to withstand sand, intense temperature differentials, and other challenging environmental conditions. Diamond-like coatings can be used to improve performance in the field. Submersible optics must likewise be designed to withstand sea salt, spray, and more humid challenging conditions. Optical domes are difficult to measure; therefore, we have developed proprietary stitching interferometry processes to minimize errors due to reflections. To ensure performance in the field, we leverage our extensive metrology capabilities to qualify every component at every step in the manufacturing process APPLICATIONS FLIR, seeker head optics, submersibles, underwater cameras. SPECIFICATIONS Substrate materialsZnSe, ZnS, Ge Sizes75 to 200 mm Material thicknessCustom made Surface figure2 fringes with power x 0.5 fringes irregularity over 100 mm diameter @ 633 nm Dimensional tolerance0.1 mm Parallelism30 arc seconds CoatingsAR coatings for VIS, NIR, MWIR, LWIR, broadband Especially optimized for●Abrasive environments ●Transmission in high angles ●High long-term stability Environmental testingHumidity, sea salt spray, DIN, MIL Actual specifications are dependent upon design, geometry, and material choices. Manufacturing facilities: Infrared Material website: