• siggy101 posted an update 7 years, 4 months ago

    Here is my latest build. It is a ZIP33v2 designed by an amazingly talented man in Hawaii. It is a 33 inch pitcheron meaning it has only 2 servos that twist the whole wing to control both pitch and roll. It’s awesome!

    I will upload some build pictures and the finished article if people are interested…

    • that really looks sweet and of course it would be great to have a build-log! Best to post it here: /forum/segelflug-sailplanes/

    • Mehrere Bilder und ein kurzes Video des Zip33 von Siggy101 sind unter http://www.flying4nature.com zu betrachten. Viel Spass.

    • could somebody upload a video while its flying? i searched on youtube, but cant find one.

      • Sorry I didn’t reply to this post for over a year but if you look at flying4nature.com, we have a few pictures. You can also look at zaerotechs own website. They have at least 2 videos on there. He seems to be able to fly it quite gently but in my experience, I have to fly it pretty fast to stay aloft!!