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    Name: C.I.Solvent Orange 107
    Molecular Structure: Poly methine
    Molecular Formula:
    Molecular Weight:
    CAS Registry Number: 185766-20-5
    Manufacturing Methods:
    Properties and Applications: Brilliant red light orange.
    List of Suppliers:
    Solvent Orange G
    Macrolex Orange R
    Oil Orange R
    Polysolve Orange 47
    Performance & Applications:
    Product nameColor Index no.Chemical typeColor toneMelting point℃Bulk density (g/ml/)Fastness Specification
    Concentration of coloringPS
    DyesTiO2Light fastnessHeat fastness
    Oil Orange RSolvent Orange 107Polymethyl SichuanReddish Orange2240.4730.0515-6300
    ★ Suitable ○ Suitable with restrictions △ Not recommended – Not Test
    Note: The above technical data is only used for reference.The application, use and process of the products provided by our company, are not controlled by our company, we hope that the user should test the goods before mass use to verify whether Suitable for the process and use of your products.
    Rated products:
    Solvent Yellow 14Solvent Red 179
    Solvent Yellow 16Solvent Red 207
    Solvent Yellow33Solvent Red 227
    Solvent Yellow 43Solvent Violet 13
    Solvent Yellow 56Solvent Violet 14
    Solvent Yellow 93Solvent Violet 31
    Solvent Yellow 98Solvent Violet 36
    Solvent Yellow 114Solvent Violet 37
    Solvent Yellow 145Disperse Violet 57
    Solvent Yellow 146Solvent Violet 58
    Pigment Yellow 147Solvent Violet 59
    Solvent Yellow 157Solvent Green 3
    Solvent Yellow 163Solvent Green 5
    Solvent Yellow 176Solvent Green 28
    Solvent Yellow 179Solvent Blue 35
    Solvent Yellow 185Solvent Blue 36
    Solvent Orange 60Solvent Blue 45
    Solvent Orange 63Solvent Blue 63
    Solvent Orange 107Solvent Blue 67
    Solvent Red 24Solvent Blue 78
    Solvent Red 52Solvent Blue 97
    Solvent Red 111Solvent Blue 104
    Solvent Red 135Solvent Blue 122
    Solvent Red 146Solvent Black 3
    Solvent Red 149
    Packing: 25kgs each Barrel/ or 25kgs each woven bag
    1Q: How many employees are in the line of business?
    A: Totally, 10persons sales team; 5 of which focus on business with foreign clients and more than 50 people are in the production line.
    2Q: What’s your main port of lading?
    A: SHANGHAI & Qingdao
    3Q: How about your service?
    A: We have professional sales department. They are full of export experience (from the inquiry, PI, contract, production arrangement, packing list, to delivery documents, etc.) They know customers’ demands and try their best to meet the requirements.
    Our constant pursuit is to satisfy any customers with our honest and reliable sale and after-sale services.Solvent Dyes For Plastic factory