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    Part Number: 090003723 only/ 612460038 assembly
    Description: AMF photoeye trigger assy (sensor)
    Applicable Machine Model: AMF 82-70/ AMF 82-90/ AMF Xli machine
    Component of: Pinsetter
    Position on Machine: On Double Capping near Kickback
    Material: Plastic and electronic
    Weight: 260 g / pc
    Size: 10.2 cm*7.6 cm*7.5 cm
    Packing: PP bag
    Lead Time: Within 3 days
    Warranty: One Year
    Picture of Bowling Photoeye Trigger Assy Bowling Sensor
    Diagnostic LED’s shows power, optic alignment, ball detect, cycle start, block out switch closure, and bypass switch mode.
    Informative PC board layout.
    D-sub type connectors for optics, machine hook up and auto score interface
    Optional (AUTO) unlimited auto score interface
    Microprocessor controlled
    Quick field installation – plug-in modular design
    Breakout (connection) box mounts on curtain wall
    High quality IR units integrated into main unit which mounts on wide capping
    Uses reflectors rather than wired receiver units on far side of lane
    Time delay to trigger is determined by ball speed:
    FAST BALL = short delay
    SLOW BALL = longer delay
    LED status indicators
    Operates on 12Vdc. Power supply is available separately. Several units can be run from one power supply.Spare Parts Use For AMF Bowling Machine manufacturer