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    鈻?Our History
    Shenzhen portable tools co.,ltd committed to provide reliable equipment and good suggestions to domestic and international clients to solve their troubles, save the cost, your success is our goal.
    鈻?Our Factory
    Shenzhen portable tools co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer factory which located in China, we are ready to help you achieve your economic goals and improve the performance of your on-site line boring, flange facing and milling projects. We are committed to delivering outrageously good customer service and reliable quality over the world.
    鈻?Our Product
    Shenzhen portable tools committed to produce on site machine tools, including portable line boring machines, portable flange facing tools, on site milling machine, on site auto bore welders……
    鈻?Product Application
    Shenzhen portable tools supply the in situ tools for shipyard, mining, hydro electric power station, coal power station, nuclear power station, wind power station, construction industry, steel industry,offshore oil production, petrochemical industry,marine industry,
    鈻?Our Certificate
    鈻?Production Equipment
    CNC,gantry milling machines,grinding machines,plating machines……
    鈻?Production Market
    Shenzhen portable tools have sold machines over 100 countries and areas, including United States, Canada, Peru, Chile, Australia,Singapore, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Holland, Poland, France, Germany, South Africa, Russia,Mongolia……
    鈻?Our Service
    Shenzhen portable tools always take care of clients requirements, no matter how late it is, we will reply your demands in 24 hours , as long as you submit your on site information to us. Shenzhen portable tools will suggest you solutions and on site machines accordingly ,to solve your troubles as fast as possible. After selling, we will be charge of transportation and feedback about your machines, 12 months return to factory assuming fair wear and tear for warranty. Customer always come first.Portable Electric Linear Milling Tools factory