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    While NYC is widely recognized as the hub for entertainment and fun-filled activities, we have only few bars in broadway NYC that meets this standard and one of them is haswell greens, this top-notch beer hall brings the best fun-filled activities to midtown offering some must-have cocktails and Live music new york city, when it comes to the tastiest craft cocktails in times squares, this beer hall brings delicious craft cocktails made with a twist, they have delicious signature cocktails spiced with the best ingredients that gives you a tasty feel, they have the curtain call, manhattan, pink on Wednesdays and many more delicious craft cocktails.

    When it comes to delicious delicacies, this beer hall has tasty shareable plates and delicious dishes that gives you that flavor filled taste, with a reputation for fire cooking, you can be sure to get deliciously made cuisines that gives you that tasty feel, their cuisine menu covers every type of dish from the delicious sliders, wood fire pizza in NYC, the main course and many more delicious delicacies. Asides the delicious cuisines and tasty craft cocktails in Times Square that is served at this beer hall, they also bring the best entertaining activities to the heart of midtown.

    This bar at broadway’s district NYC also has a reputation for bringing the best live music in NYC, they always feature some of the best artistes and they have some entertaining music that will set you in that New York state of mind. While you can enjoy the delicious booze, tasty bites and Live music venue in times squares, you can also find the setting of the bar entertaining, they have a lively and convivial setting that is perfect for relaxation and having a good time, they present a style of the industruial revolution era mixed with a modern twist to give to that cozy and fun-filled bar setting.